TS HAWK, alto sax; JENS LOPES, trommer JONATHAN AARDESTRUP, bass; MADS EGETOFT, tenor sax;


An exceptional, expressive and extraordinary jazz band that is musically inviting as well as challenging. Since 2007 The Way Out has been fiddling around the standing traditions of musical rights and wrongs in ways that have delighted audience after audience. The playfull explorations of TS Hawk and Mads Egetoft sparkle from a timeless conjunction on the energetic free-swinging foundation of Jens Lopes on drums and Jonathan Aardestrup on bass. The band melts into a whole where the each individual offers a unique contribution to the collective output in the improvisations as well as the composing. It is dead sharp and free as a bird. The great Danish drummer Kresten Osgood wrote about the band: “ …this band is legendary for strong performances, make sure you get a seat in good time"